Integrity Engineer

Our client is looking for an Integrity Engineer for a permanent position, located in Aberdeen

The position of Integrity Engineer (IE) will contribute towards and be responsible for the efficient and cost effective implementation, development, execution and maintenance of integrity operations for UK asset.

The position will act as an integrity focal point, coordinating integrity, Corrosion and inspection related operations across all aspects of integrity management; Pipelines, Pressure Systems, Structures and fabric Maintenance in accordance with the Asset Integrity Management System (AIMS). Acting as integrity focal point the IE will provide technical support for daily operations.

The IE will also ensure the management of appointed integrity consultants and contractors, facilitating their operations to guarantee their fulfilment of allocated tasks and activities

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Key Responsibilities

Accountable for the:

  • Content of all integrity related databases, i.e. BuildMe Inspection management system, Weight Control and PSV databases.
  • Assurance that all personnel working within the integrity function are compliant to the documentation within the AIMS document suite.

Responsible for:

AIMS Management

  • Delivery and compliance of the AIMS.
  • Day-to-day management and coordination of direct subordinates, ensuring that they are able to deliver prescribed services to company in the most efficient and effective way.
  • Auditing & reviewing inspection service contracts.
  • Management of AIMS related documents and records.
  • Reporting integrity risk to Maintenance Management.
  • Issuing monthly and annual integrity reports.
  • Maintain and report monthly on the IMS KPI’s
  • Attend / perform offshore visit as required.


  • Management and ownership of the overall Integrity Plan and feeding into the Maintenance Reference plan.
  • Ensuring planned maintenance (PM) routines and (APM) assurance routines alignment within the CMMS (Maximo)
  • Monitoring and reviewing all inspection and maintenance plans produced by the IMC or any external contractor.
  • Approval of the fabric maintenance plan.
  • Provide input into the annual inspection plan.
  • Manage identified scopes required for shutdown activity.


  • Reporting integrity risks to the Maintenance Manager UK.
  • Ensuring continuous engagement with integrity contractors and consultants.
  • Establishing communication lines with the Brown field modification team & FM contractor in order to obtain an overview of remedial activity progress.
  • Facilitating integrity/inspection meetings.
  • Interface with the HSE and verification regulators as required.

Integrity Ops

  • Approval of the RBI method and associated inspection & monitoring plans provided by the IMC.
  • Reviewing and approving inspection workpacks, inspection reports and anomaly reports produced by Inspection Enactment Contractors.
  • Complete Inspection Reports submitted by the Integrity Enactment Contractors by compiling a definitive statement detailing the equipment in question, addressing its suitability for service until the next due inspection.
  • Endorsing Inspection Reports, RBI analysis, WSEs and remedial actions for anomalies.
  • Carrying out PSV RBI’s on the PSV management software Signing-off PSV.
  • Reviewing & approving the annual weight control summary report, prepared by the IMC Structural Engineer in accordance to with the Weight Control Procedure.
  • Reviewing and approving WSEs produced by the IMC, this will incorporate liaising with the IMC to ensure that the most appropriate inspection techniques have been adopted from the NDT Selection Procedure.
  • Take ownership of the corrosion management strategy and KPI’s. Report monthly on the corrosion management status.
  • Completing API 579 Fitness for Service Assessments for online surface preparation activity.

Repairs and Anomalies

  • Raising Orange and Yellow anomalies from inspection reports in accordance with Anomaly Criteria detailed within the Inspection, Reporting, Assessment & Anomaly Management Procedure.
  • Identifying the need for carrying out Performance Standard Non-Conformances (PSNCs) with reference to anomalies and weldless repair activity.
  • Assessment of anomaly defects highlighted within Inspection or Anomaly Reports, while providing the design and specification of remedial activities for such anomalies.
  • Issuing confirmed remedial actions for reviewed anomalies to the Repair & FM coordinator.
  • Raise all anomalies which require remedial action, within the CMMS for execution.
  • Review of appropriate DLRs for continued service with reference to the Weldless Repair Procedure.
  • Approving Class B and C repair scopes with reference to the Weldless Repair Procedure.

Key Processes Owned

  • The Integrity Engineer is accountable and responsible for numerous processes within the AIMS, these are detailed within Section’s RACI chart of the Pressure Systems Integrity Management System document and are outlined below.
  • The Asset Integrity Management System
  • Anomaly management
  • Corrosion management
  • Plant Vibration management
  • Fabric maintenance management
  • PSV management
  • RBI management

Education, Qualifications & Experience

  • Degree or equivalent professional qualification in engineering or science.
  • Extensive experience in an integrity and inspection discipline role.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to safety and lead by example.
  • Possess UKAS 17020 RG2 Category 2.
  • Demonstrate understanding of API 510/570/571/580
  • Be an incorporated engineer, registered with an Engineering Council or equivalent.
  • Demonstrate the ability to deliver the AIMS philosophy through effective management system competencies and possess an understanding of the activities encompassed within the integrity management and In-Service Inspection function.
  • Provide a flexible approach to work, combined with enthusiasm and motivation.
  • Build relationships with colleagues and clients and be capable of liaising with other disciplines and departments within an operational entity.
  • Possess the ability to provide Technicians and 3rd Parties with positive and clear guidance.
  • Possess the ability to plan and organise tasks appropriately.
  • Possess the ability to use knowledge and training to develop, possibly in a non-standard manner, a means of re-establishing integrity.
  • Good understanding and knowledge of UKCAS independent inspection accreditation ISO/IEC 17020
  • Energy institute (EI):- Guidance on corrosion management in oil and gas production and processing and UK HSE Review of corrosion management for offshore oil and gas processing OTO044
  • UK HSE pipeline safety regulations and EI 
  • Must be competent with Pipeline, Structural and Pressure Systems related integrity, in addition to understanding and appreciating all relevant codes and standards. Knowledge of basic fabric maintenance technics are preferred.

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