After her role was made redundant in November 2020, Anna was one of the first participants of our new training programme - 5 Steps to Work. We are delighted to congratulate Anna on her new position in Aberdeen and to share her story below.

Anna was first employed by Saipem in 2016 as a Buyer. In 2018 a position in Expediting was advertised and she decided to apply to further her knowledge and understanding of the supply chain process. Unfortunately, in November of 2020 Anna’s role was made redundant as a result of the current global pandemic. Although disappointed, she was very much keen to utilise this opportunity to better herself both professionally and personally.

Anna says “When Cammach Bryant suggested I invest in their career coaching programme I immediately knew that this would be of benefit to me. Not only would this provide me with purpose and routine whilst unemployed but also the materials and skills required to successfully secure a new position. The coaching aspect was of particular interest to me. I enjoy working in collaboration with others and felt encouraged that my learning would be supported and cultivated by likeminded individuals. This instilled confidence in both myself and the programme.

Prior to my redundancy I had expressed interest in exploring new opportunities however was very much lacking in confidence, especially given the current climate. The career coaching programme encouraged me to identify companies and indeed industries in which I could utilise my transferable skills. I found this extremely beneficial. Positions which I had previously discounted I felt compelled to investigate. This was especially true of the craft beer industry which has always intrigued me.”


Did the coaching give you the tools to improve your CV?

“The power of a well written CV is often underestimated however given the recent rise in unemployment it is now more important than ever. Prior to applying for potential positions, I worked with my career coach to update and ultimately improve my CV. We identified key skills and achievements which highlighted my supply chain experience and expertise. It was imperative that my CV was both an accurate and captivating representation of my professional and personal history. The tools and materials provided throughout the course also enabled me to tailor my CV for specific industries. This was particularly beneficial given my varied experience and interests.”


How did you find the interview preparation – what were the 3 more valuable pieces of advice you took from this?

"Preparation is key. Although simplistic, it is this advice which I found most beneficial. Nothing makes for greater success than a candidate who has done their research. This is especially true of competency interviews. Structured answers which convey confidence are extremely persuasive. However, it is often difficult to identify relevant experiences. I found this particularly challenging and dare I say daunting.

Working with my career coach we explored the 'STAR' technique. This powerful tool encouraged me to tackle competency questions head on. I created succinct yet informative answers which could be adapted to suit various roles. Even when undertaking a biographical interview. Preparing in this way was beyond valuable, both professionally and personally. I can now confidently highlight key skills and experiences whilst also combatting unexpected or challenging questions with ease and more importantly conviction."


5 Steps To Work

'Five Steps to Work’ has been developed over a number of years to bring the best advice and guidance from recruitment and career coaches into a user friendly, accessible, online course. Guiding you through structured job search training and how best to position your skills & experience will greatly enhance your chances of securing employment.  This is a unique resource, built to give you the best possible edge in a competitive job market.

The five-step programme takes you through each of the core stages of a job search while building a personalised bank of resources for you to retain and reference after completion.


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