Whether you are new to the job market or have been working for a number of years, our 5 Steps To Work programme gives you everything you need to support you in finding the right job. 

The programme consists of five self-managed modules (or 'steps'), each covering a core stage of the job search process, designed to run in parallel with your one-to-one support.

Module 1 - All About You

Too often ignored, this covers the vital first step of thinking about yourself - identifying your values, motivators and skills - and how these shape the kind of job you should look for and where your strengths can bring the greatest value.

Module 2 - Targeted Job Search

Building from a basis of self-understanding gained in module 1, this module helps you identify your target market - where to focus your search efforts and how to make the most of the channels of communication available to you - equipping you with everything you need to target your job search effectively.

Module 3 - CV

This module focuses on the all-important CV - how best to present yourself, how to tailor your skills and experience to each role, and how to deliver a powerful message to prospective employers.

Module 4 -The Interview

For many people interviews pose the biggest challenge. In this module you will learn useful tools, tips and techniques to build confidence and help you sell yourself successfully in even the most challenging interview situations.

Module 5 - After The Interview

Along with summarising your learnings, the programme concludes by addressing all the things you can do post-interview to stand out from the crowd and turn your interviews into job offers.

Within each module, exercises and assignments help you put your learning into practice. The five-step programme takes you through each of the core stages of successful job search while building a personalised bank of resources for you to keep and use after completion.

Job search can be lonely and challenging for many. Integral to the design of this programme is one-to-one coaching and mentoring support. 

If you select the package including 3 hours of support, before you begin, and after you complete each module, your personal coach is there to guide, encourage and support your progress. More information about the one to one coaching can be found here.

This is a flexible online programme and is designed to fit with your schedule. You work at your own pace, completing the modules at your convenience and round your schedule and commitments. 


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If you would like to discuss this programme with a member of our team please call Donna Liddle on 01224 894444 or email donna@cammachbryant.com