Cammach Bryant have an excellent track record of providing a high quality, exceptional outplacement support service. Our Consultants have already delivered over 800 individual outplacement sessions in Aberdeen, helping these individuals to achieve their desired outcomes. 

Our approach is a personal one, meeting with individuals one to one, via virtual tools, as we believe that
this generates the best results. This allows individuals to seek tailored advice based on their own personal
circumstances or concerns. Feedback will be requested from the individual to ensure they have received
the support & strategies required to aid them in their job search. 

Some of our feedback received is shown below:


“Career Coaching with Ruth Leuchars undoubtedly helped me to secure a job during lock down. The coaching started with my personal objectives which identified clearly what areas of work I wanted to pursue. My CV was reviewed and improvements suggested which I had not previously thought about. The interview preparation was of most value to me. Star stories was not something I was familiar with but it really helped to coax from me relevant examples from my career that I would want to reference at key points during interview. The interviewer described my personal introduction as clear and concise which was a great positive start. Thankyou Ruth!”

Senior Engineer - Aberdeen


“I've been meaning to contact you for quite a while now as I wanted to thank you for all your helpful advice and to give you a quick update. I went for that job interview for the post-doc position the week after we did our practice interview, and I got the job! I started in the middle of October and absolutely love it- and I just wanted to thank you for all your constructive feedback on both my CV and my interview responses- I'm sure it made a huge difference.”


“Since taking part in the outplacement, I have drafted a CV and covering letter which I sent to Jennifer. Jennifer replied promptly with a few suggestions, which I applied to the CV. To date, I have applied to two companies and have an interview with one of them in 2 weeks’ time - a 50% success rate so far!"


"Just a wee note to thank you for your support over the past 6 months in my search for my next role – it is very much appreciated.  You have provided great support and insight into the world of gaining employment and maximising the opportunities out there.  I greatly value the knowledge, guidance, positivity and encouragement that you have given."


“Huge thank you to Ruth Leuchars for her support - she really cares about the outcome and offered lots of advice and tips to help with my job search.”


“Thanks for all your help during what was a very difficult time for me and I am very grateful for the opportunity I was given by Jennifer and Cammach, both of which played a vital role in me securing a longer term position”


"Following our meeting today it got me thinking and I've been busy jotting down some notes from past experiences that may be useful in interview situations. I will get them into bullet points as you advised and go through them with you in our next session. I enjoyed today's meeting and from having a mental block on certain things I have had a flood of inspirational thoughts".

Offshore Supervisor


“Ruth Leuchars was just brilliant, a great source of knowledge and guidance.”


If you would like to discuss this programme with a member of our team please call Donna Liddle on 01224 894444 or email

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